What the Discroll?

As many people already know the Driscoll news is hitting the fan these days. I can barely open Facebook without seeing one more scandal uncovered, one more blog about the “cult” he has created, or simply just a bunch rants about the horrible person he is. Seriously what the **** is going on?

 Honestly, I secretly love it. Recently I have been starting my mornings with hot black coffee, a comfy couch, and my laptop ready to dive into the news which usually involves all the Driscoll bashing, admittedly turning my attention away from much more important news (Though I do believe this is a major issue in the modern North American Church).

And this is what I have been thinking each morning – Finally all my beliefs about him are being justified! When the news came out that Acts 29 asked him to leave and that his books were being dropped I sighed a relief. Maybe the North American church has brains after all.

 And then there is my husband. My kind and loving gracious husband. Who kicks me off my high horse by simply saying “do you think we should pray for him instead of hate him?”

“WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY??? Pray for HIM??!” is my response.

I will not and I will now be mad at my husband for even suggesting I do such a horrible thing.

But, like usual, when I am being hot headed and in the midst of anger, my peaceful husband is correct. 

 Where do I begin? How to I pray for a man and I church that I fully believe is not only leading people astray, but also hurting God’s own children? How do I believe that God can work through this mess? How can I believe God would WANT to work through this mess? I figured God was on my side here. Plus aren’t there more important things I could be praying for. (All things are important Danielle – Gahh I hate that voice).

Okay then. Well, first I probably need to actually get off of that high horse and realize I am prone to sin just as much as anyone. As I sit down to think about how in the world to pray for this situation (without fire burning anger) I begin to see a picture of what I would like to believe has happened and what will happen. I am not sure if it God’s will, or even if it is the correct way for things to unfold. For now, it at least calms me out of my “DOWN WITH DISCROLL RAGE” and allows me to focus on the glory and mystery of the Lord. 

So this is what I WANT to believe and what I pray is true about the situation.

I want to believe that Mr. Discroll truly loves God and loves people. I want to believe that he started with a vision that could change the world for the better. I want to believe that like anyone else he got caught up in his human nature of sin and forgot the bigger picture and began to see himself as God – writing the rules, rather than as a servant of the gracious Most High. I want to believe he will see this error and repent. Really repent. To feel the weight of his sin and come to God in agony. To not be able to sleep at night because he knows he has wronged the Lord and His people. I want him to repent to his team, his church, his country and the world and I want to believe he means it. I want him to be freed of his sin and shame. Then I want him to leave. I want him to acknowledge that sin does have consequences and that he must be prepared for them. I want him and his team to leave and let another group lead the church in healing. I want him to live for a while in his consequences reflecting on the impact of his sin. I want him to always have regret for what happened so that he never does it again. I want him to heal. To fully feel God’s forgiveness and grace on his life. For him to discover the passion and love for Christ that began his journey. And I want to believe he will use that vision once again – to reach people, to help heal people. I want to believe his story can be of good, that through his experience all of us who have attempted to be God will learn the lessons of what happens when we try. I want him to hold his family in his arms and teach them the right way to go and warn them of the path he took. I want to believe that everyone he hurt will heal and find it in their hearts to forgive him as well. I want to believe that he will feel their forgiveness. I want to believe that his life has purpose.

And when my selfish prayer of beliefs is over I will pray this:


Lord of mercy and of grace show me how to love those who are my enemies. Help me recognize I to become an enemy at times. Show me how my own rage may blind me to the good that my enemies have in them. Help me be humble to know that I am not the judge here.

I pray that my selfish prayer be answered, if it is not your will I pray that your will, far greater than mine, be done. That your healing hand be used for all involved. I pray your love would shine through this dark hour. That those who need to forgive would remember the forgiveness you have shown us. That those who need to be forgiven would be humble enough to ask. Lord, through all of this I pray you would somehow be glorified, because though man may fail us you will not.

Immanuel, be with us.

*I recognize my opinion of Mr. Discroll is not be accepted by all. I by no means ask you to feel the same as I do. This is simply an expression of my beliefs and I hope it helps someone else feel less in alone in their anger at the situation. 


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