Day 4- Restorative

After a full day of yoga I thought I might find the perfect inspiration to write on for todays topic, but it is still the same as this morning. It’s a simple list. Most of the things on the simple list are simple themselves. I think I find simpleness restorative as well 🙂 


Here is my list:

Books (almost any genre)

Beds (I LOVE to be in bed)

Sleep (I also LOVE to sleep and I am good at it)

The smell of summer


Talking with friends over coffee/tea/food

Talking with friends on the grass, in the sunshine

Netflix dates with my husband

The first snowfall

Anything my mom makes for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks/dessert 


Tea (coffee is my energy, tea is my calm)


Tea tree oil

And hugs. Hugs win, always.


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